Training and Professional Development

“A ‘User Friendly’ Guide to Working with Teens”

Using the most up-to-date information on brain development Bob will present a more empathic, clear and highly practical look at Teens today and how to work more successfully with them. You will learn four incredible facts about the teenage brain that explain their sometimes curious, even vexing behavior. You will learn what works in terms of motivation, discipline, creating and maintaining trust and helping them with the critical tasks of this often-mystifying age. Bob will take the mystery out and add powerful awareness you can use today!

“We Think They’re Lazy—They Think They’re Smart! Working with Millennial Age Staff.” (75-90 minutes)

Using specific, practical techniques Bob will help us look at managing the current crop of staff for the next ten years. Crack the “Millennial Code” and get the most out of your staff! Very specific, practical, powerful ideas based on Bob’s direct work with these young adults at camps around the country.

“Lions and Tigers and Helicopters—Oh My! Ramping Up Your Skills with Today’s Parents” (75-90 minutes for session; 3 hours for communication skills workshop)

Parents make an “unspoken agreement” with you when they send their child to your camp. Then there are those few parents who tie up way too much of your time. Come learn the language, the different approaches for different types of parents and ratchet up your parent communication skills. Bob first coined the term “partnering with parents” in 1986 and has been helping camp professionals with this challenging area ever since.

“Mapping a Cabin, Bunk or Group: Learning to See Camper Relationships More Clearly” (75-90 minutes for session; 3 hours for practice workshop)

The relationships of campers can be colorful, vibrant, intense and unpredictable. Just when we think we understand who is a friend with whom and who is left out, it all changes! Come learn a dynamic method for charting or “mapping” the relationships in camper groups that will help you ease relational aggression and address other camper issues with better accuracy. Bob will demonstrate the process and the methodology in a way that will equip you to use it this summer.

“Sugar and Spice, Not Always So Nice!” Why Girls are Mean to Other Girls and What to Do about It!  (75-90 minutes)

Bob has spent the last three summers working “in the trenches” with socially aggressive behavior at several all-girls resident camps. He will share his insights about where all this mean-girl behavior is coming from and what you can do about it! This is more than just a session on so-called relational aggression but a broader look at what makes girls tick with powerful, practical ideas about how best to intervene.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: The “Boy Code” and Bullying   (75-90 minutes)

Bob spends much of his summer working directly with boys who run afoul of things at camp. He believes the only way to understand bullying behavior in boys is to understand the so-called “boy code” and what it reflects. Come get an understanding of boys like you’re never had. Find out what makes up the boy version of bullying and how to address it in affective and powerful ways at camp!

Now What Do We DO?! Creative, Practical Approaches to Camper Behavioral Challenges  (75-90 minutes for session; 3 hours for communication skills workshop)

Using a case studies approach, Bob will present real life examples of camper behavioral challenges he has faced at camps he has visited in the last several years and how he worked with them. From the examples Bob will present, you will think he was at your camp last summer! Come learn practical new techniques and skills you can take home and use this summer!

To Tell the Truth: Competency Based Interviewing Skills (minimum 3-6 hours for practice workshop)

Ever feel like hiring staff is a game of roulette? Take the chance out of interviewing and learn high-level skills practiced by Fortune 500 companies. Bob will lead a skill intensive workshop and training session that will cover the most effective questions for predicting strong counselor performance, show you the most powerful progression in an interview and give you lots of quality practice. Some workshops include live interviews and/or Skype interviewing.

Technology and the Impact on Children and Camp (Keynote Address)

Using the latest statistics about what children are doing with their shrinking free time, Bob will dramatically show what the effects of television, “smart phones,” and computers are on children today and how this impact carries over into camp. The findings have powerful implications for communicating effectively with campers, training staff and programming. Anyone working with children in this decade will benefit from this presentation.

Adolescent Sexuality and Its Implications for Camp—Where Are Your Values? (Keynote or Major Address)

Having done extensive research into current trends of sexual behavior among children and adolescents, Bob will present the most recent data on sexuality in young people and the implication their behavior has for camp. Unless you think your campers (and staff) leave their sexuality on the bus or at the front gate, these findings have significant repercussions for camp. Bob will focus the second part of the session on teaching values and the options camps have for entering the discussion.

BFF—Building Friendships at Camp (Keynote Address)

When campers talk about camp one of the first and most striking things they mention are the friendships they find there. For most kids making friends is like falling off a log—it just comes naturally. For other children it is much more problematic. Come find out what “friend” means in the age of electronic connection and what camps can do both to enhance the process of making and keeping friends and deepen the meaning of true friendship. In sometimes humorous, often poignant ways Bob’s talks inspire camp professionals to be their best.